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NIH National Heart, Lung & Blood Inst.
NIH National Heart, Lung & Blood Inst.
The National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute of the National Institute of Health provides information on the prevention and treatment of high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol. Their website provides excellent comprehensive coverage on topics concered with heart, lungs and the circulatory system.

Heart Disease
This site includes the latest news on heart disease, as well as sections on an overview of the condition, diagnosis/symptoms, treatments, prevention, related conditions, clinical trials, research, statistics, links to organizations and much more. The information is easy to understand and the site is pleasant to navigate.

Heart Disease & Stroke
US Department of Health and Human Services
This information for women is presented in a Question and Answer format to cover the basic concerns that exist regarding heart disease and related conditions. The website includes links to more information on related topics that may be of concern to women, as well as links to other organizations and resources. The information is easy to understand and thorough.

How Does Heart Disease Affect Women?
National Heart Lung and Blood Institute
This site provides information on heart disease in women, including ways to lower your risk and stories from those who have suffered from the condition. The site also includes ways to host a "Heart Truth" event or to get involved in ones around the country.

Heart Disease
This information from the CDC includes descriptions of heart disease/related conditions, statistics, treatment methods and a number of publications on the topic. The information is comprehensive, yet fairly easy to understand.