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Heart Disease
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This site provides health and nutrition tips that can lead to a healthy heart. Also included on the site is information about related topics such as diabetes and weight loss. The information is easy to understand and includes illustrations and comics to clarify material.

Heart Disease Center
Health Central
This site provides patient guides about heart attacks, blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke, diet and more. The information includes news stories, videos, questions and answers and interactive tools. It is presented in understandable ways and the site is easy to navigate.

Heart Disease
Kids Health
This site is designed to explain heart disease to children. The information is presented in very basic terms and includes illustrations and cartoons to make it more understandable for kids. The information also includes a glossary of terms with pronunciations included.

Heart Disease
This site contains an overview section on heart disease, as well as more in-depth sections on related diseases and conditions, medications that are commonly used to treat them, and health tips and information. The sections include information for both men and women on special risk and related conditions.

Women Heart
National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease
This site contains information specifically for women on heart disease and includes the latest news and cardiac information. There are also sections on fitness and wellness, support and community resources including a bulletin board section, and links to more information. The organization also offers a free e-newsletter and membership to gain more information.