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WholeFamily Center
The WholeFamily Center
WholeFamily deals honestly and openly with all subjects pertaining to marriage, parenting, families, problems, and anything else people cope with in their daily lives. It is geared towards understanding and improving all kinds of family relationships. This site contains something for every member of the family. Each section has real life dramas - conflicts that you can either read or listen to on Real Audio while you look at the photographs.

Your Social Worker
Gary Direnfeld
While this site does offer information on Gary's practice, the main part of the site includes a vast collection of free Parenting/Family and Divorce/Separation articles. The site is easy to navigate and the information is presented in an easy to understand format. The site also includes a PDF version of Gary's book called "Raising Kids Without Raising Cane" and a collection of links that he suggests for more information.

Stepfamily Network
Stepfamily Network
The Stepfamily Network is a nonprofit service to parents, family professionals, and children. The site currently includes 2 very busy message boards (one for step-moms and one for step-dads. The rest of the site was taken out by hackers, but they are working to slowly rebuild the resources that were present.

James Harms
This organization provides support, friendship and advice for any adult whose life has been affected by childhood abuse. The site contains information about abuse, healing methods, support forums, and much more.

National Network of Adult & Adolescent Children Who Have a Mentally Ill Parent
National Network of Adult & Adolescent Children Who Have a Mentally Ill Parent
This site provides general information about the network, including support discussion and counseling groups. Victoria, Australia.