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Public Library of Science Medicine Journal
Public Library of Science
Public Library of Science publishes several journals that are peer-reviewed and open access. This journal focuses on all types of medical issues. All articles and information are available online without cost to anyone. You may read, download, redistribute, and otherwise use as long as the original authorship is properly attributed.

Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research
Journal information, Tables of Contents 1993-, Abstracts 1993-, Full text articles 1993-
A refereed journal, covering all areas of Artificial Intelligence. Full text of articles is available on line at no charge.

Neuroscience Tutorial
Washington University
Created in conjunction with a first-year course for medical students at Washington University, this site provides an illustrated guide to the essential basics of clinical neuroscience. Fairly technical information, but provides an interesting look at the brain and functions. Also provides links to other sites for additional information.

The Lancet
The Lancet
This area of The Lancet website is for the Epilepsy and Seizures topic center. The center offers articles, reviews, and related resources. Most have an abstract or preview available to the general public and the full text piece available with a subscription. However, the site also has free podcasts for author interviews and expert discussions covering international issues relevant to neurology. There are also other free resources such as reviews, opinions, and news throughout the Lancet online community available.

This is a scientific journal covering its namesake field, and published annually in both electronic and printed versions. The website provides the full text of articles at no charge.