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Alzheimers Disease and other Cognitive Disorders
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This site is designed to help people who are affected by Dementia.  They can find out more about available treatments, resources, and practical information about management strategies. Read through a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions from caregivers and patients and learn more about working with doctors to create a better quality of life for people living with dementia.  The site offers a free 60-day trial membership and then monthly, quarterly or annual memberships after that.  In addition to the information above, setting up an account allows users to:

  • set up a symptom Symptom
    In medicine a symptom is what the patient complains of. For example, a a patient may have symptoms of pain and fatigue.
    profile for the person being caring for
  • start tracking symptoms every two weeks, and see the reports that can be printed off at any time
  • explore the Symptom Library to learn about ways to manage day-to-day situations
  • share the information with family and physicians