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Alzheimers Disease and other Cognitive Disorders
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Treating Traumatic Brain Injuries
Lee Memorial Health System
Car crashes, sport injuries, even falls can cause a traumatic brain injury. Doctors say treatment depends on the type of injury a person sustains.

Diagnosis and Management of Vascular Dementia
UCLA Health
UCLA geriatric psychiatrist Stephen Chen, MD, addresses diagnosis and management of vascular dementia.

Helping Loved Ones with Memory Loss
Lee Memorial Health System
One in eight people suffer from either long term or short term memory loss. As doctors work to treat the patient they have some tips on how loved ones can also help.

Difference Between Alzheimer's and Dementia
Lee Memorial Health System
"I tell people that it's sort of like dementia is the team and Alzheimer's is one of the players," says Dr. Michael Raab, a geriatrician with Memory Care at Lee Memorial Health System. Dementia covers a number of disorders; Alzheimer's is most common.

Developments to Alzheimer’s Research
Lee Memorial Health System
Finding what causes a disease is key to being able to treat it. As millions of Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease each year, local experts are doing studies to find the cause and ultimately a cure.