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Child Abuse and Family Conflict
Effective Child Therapy Resource Library
Dr. David Kolko defines physical abuse and reviews the impact of abuse and family conflict on children. In addition, he discusses helpful resources for families.

Families and Couples Lectures
Communication and Conflict in Couples and Families - Professor Benjamin Karney lecture on families and couples. This course examines relationships and their connection to individual psychopathology, marital discord, and family disruption

Seven Keys to Resolving Family Conflict
Diana Mercer talks about 7 keys to resolving family conflict

Overcoming Conflict to Achieve a Happy Family
Ben Griggs
Edited from a seminar with Happy Science Queensland and based on the work on Ryuho Okawa and Happy Science. Discover how to enlighten your whole family without any conflict and create a strong home full of true Love. - All our families have various conflicts that appear to be locked in to the relationships but by changing your own perspective you can unlock these habits and renew your closest relationships.

Resolving Conflicts with Coworkers or Family Members
Bill Crawford
Psychologist, Dr. Bill Crawford looks at the problem conflict among coworkers and family members and gives us a new way to look at both the problem and the solution.